Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Dec 29

26 weeks. I was fortunate with another positive appt. today. The babies have moved, so Baby A is really Baby B, etc, etc. It's all very confusing unless you're right there having it explained, but regardless: The babies weigh 2lbs 4 oz, 1 lb 9oz, and 1 lb 10oz. right now. The 2.4 weight is right where a singleton baby would be at 26 weeks, so the others are just a little behind, which again is good news. All fluids are still normal. Heartrates also normal at 140, 145, and 150. My OB check was good, too. So, other than the nurse telling me to rest as much as I can (Really? Rest? That was funny!) since I've started to swell a little and started to loose the feeling in my hands again (which I did with Trey) I just need to keep doin' what I'm doin'! My next visit is in 2 weeks - Jan 14. I'll start the NST then (non stress test) which I did with Trey, as well. They do on all high risk - it monitors heartrates. Otherwise, still looking for somebody to come to our home to watch the triplets Mon, Tues, and Thurs. so keep your eyes/ears open. I'd rather find somebody through word of mouth than advertising. Oh, and I'm also looking for a plastic surgeon to either use me as a guinea pig or as a reason to publish an article so that I can get free reconstruction on my stomach when this is all over...the stretch marks alone are just lovely. ;)

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  1. Hi just wanted to tell you congrats on the babies. I had triplets July 28, 2009 who suffered from TTTS (2 identical, 1 fraternal) and I keep a blog to account the effect of ttts on by babies and premature delivery at 28 weeks. www.motherofatoddlerandtriplets.blogspot.com