Friday, December 18, 2009

Dec 17, 2009

24 weeks, 3 days: Doc appt went very well. The fluids for all babies is now average - doc was very happy that fluid went down in Baby A (she had the most) and others are fine. So, the TTTS basically corrected itself, which is what we were hoping for! He only did growth on Baby C since she was a little thin 2 weeks ago, but she now weighs 1 lb, 5 oz and that is also good. I will have growth and measurements for all 3 babies next appt. My OB check was good, everything looks fine, so when I told him I was working through Jan 22, he did not see a problem with that. I picked that date because it's the end of the first semester at school. Any cramping or the minimal pain I feel could be muscular, the adhesions from my first section, or he actually said that with being so big Braxton Hicks will start. None of which is really a concern right now. Otherwise, babies have been really active this past week - whether they're kicking me or each other, I don't know! My next appt is Tuesday, Dec 29 - right between Xmas and New Years.

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