Friday, December 4, 2009

Dec 3

Another very positive appointment! The fluid levels look very good. Baby A is above average (they will continue to monitor this, but it is not as crucial as it was) and Babies B & C are now both average!!! No more low average! Yippeee!!! I don't even need to go next week - my next appt isn't for 2 weeks. Also, they measured growth: Baby A is 1 lb 4 oz, Baby B is 1 lb, and Baby C is 14 oz. All of which are normal, he said a little "skinny" but OK. My next appt is Thurs, Dec 17. They will check fluids, growth again, and an OB check (my weight, blood pressure, urine, etc - they only do that about once a month). Changing the topic, Trey is now saying more words, including 'boy' and 'girl' that Diana taught him - very impressed with the "g" sound as it's a tough one. Oh, and without prompting he has started to mimic his dad who always says to him "My Man" like Denzel Washington in American Gangster and Training Day....this morning I hear Trey very clearly say, "My Man!" All for now.

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