Friday, October 23, 2009

October 22, 2009

6 pigtails, 3 barbie corvettes, 3 prom gowns.......Yep, 3 girls! We didn't expect to find out yet, but my ultrasound tech saw as plain as day. We do not have names picked out. Ironically, we had our boy names set! Everything else looks good so far. Heartbeats are still strong. They were very active yesterday while the ultrasound was on. My next appt. is Nov 2. Incidentally, I've had people ask me about dressing them identical - NO! For too many reasons to list! However, I am going to color code the girls, at least for a little while, or until they can voice their own opinion! One will have all purple, one all pink, and one all orange/yellow. This was suggested by many a multiple mom to help keep track of whose bottles/nippies/blankets are whose and so that when all of you wonder people come over to help you know which child is which based on what color she is wearing! (I've already found this cute little cotton dress that comes in purple, pink, and orange! Perfect! :)


  1. I ENVY YOU!!! I will adopt 6 more little girls if the husband lets me!!! Little boys are fun too but you will see...its just a different kind of fun...triple fun for you!!!