Tuesday, November 3, 2009

November 2

18 weeks. Had extensive ultrasound today. This is the one where they measures femur, arm bone, count 5 fingers on each hand, look at brain matter, etc. Everything was measuring correctly and looked good. Baby A is 9 oz, Baby B is 7 oz, and Baby C is 7 oz. Dr.Jackson assured me those are normal ranges. Heartbeats were all fine. Derick was with me for this appt - it was the first time he has seen the babies since the morning that we first found out and saw them! Val, my ultrasound tech, who is from New Ken and is awesome, again confirmed identical girls. I go again in 10 days on Nov 12. Dr.Caine is monitoring for something called Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome (in my case Triplet to Triplet). Since all babies are feeding from the same placenta, there is a possibility that one baby is getting more nutrition than the others (in this case, Baby A), so he wants to keep a close watch. My only homework was to stay hydrated, as usual, and increase my protein drinks to 3 or 4 a day. There is a chance that it could help the TTS, and there's no harm if it doesn't. On the home front, Trey now knows where his "baby sisters" are, but otherwise has no idea of the concept or what awaits him! And yesterday he said, "Ball!" It was his first time and he said it for Grammy Liput then again for his dad last night. Oh, and we couldn't turn off the World Series. He was adament about watching and 'talking' to the TV when somebody wasn't up to bat - Derick tried to tell him baseball is a slow sport. :)

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