Monday, March 8, 2010

March 8, 10

Let's start with weights: Peyton is now 5# 11.5 oz. Kendall is now 4# 2 oz. Chase is now 4# 8.5 oz. Obviously very happy that everyone is now above the 4 pound mark! The only thing that the girls still have is the feeding tube which they alternately use with a bottle. The only other wires are the monitor wires for their heartrate, lungs, and oxygen levels, but these are just little stickers on their skin, nothing invasive. Since my last post, Peyton has been upgraded to an open air incubator. That means she is maintaining her body temperature. This was a big, scary step for Derick and I - Was she ready? What about all the airborne germs? What if she gets cold? etc. But, she is doing great! I have practiced Kangaroo Care with all the girls now, and even was able to have Peyton and Kendall on my chest together one day! Their incubators are next to each other, so the nurses were able to get them both for me with wires and all. Chase is across the room, so her wires couldn't reach. Another milestone was including Trey; He finally visited his sisters! Grammy Liput and I took Trey one evening. He did so well! He got to see Chase getting a bath, and Peyton taking a bottle. All 3 girls were wide awake when we were there, which is the only time I've ever witnessed all 3 alert at the same time. It was like they knew their brother was there to see them! He charmed the nurses, of course, and played with Grammy in Austin's Playroom (a play area for big brothers and sisters donated by Lemieux) while I spent a little extra time with the girls. He told them all goodbye, waved, and blew kisses to each one.

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