Tuesday, February 16, 2010

February 16, 10

The girls are 12 days old today. All are now above their birth weight: Peyton weighs 4# 1 oz, Kendall weighs 2# 12oz, and Chase is 3# 5.5oz. They are all tolerating their feedings well, and actually Peyton drank 18cc (a little over 3 teaspoons) of her 30cc from a bottle on Sunday night at 2am! She is really young to do that, and it's not something they will consistently try right now, but she seemed to be rooting to suck, so the nurse tried it. They are all eating every 3 hours. Chase had a PDA, which is a small hole in her heart that is common in premies, but was given a 36 hour med and although she hasn't had the official echocardiogram, the neonatologists feel that the murmur/hole is gone. Kendall is on an antibiodic to help her belly - it's a little full, but the xrays and bloodwork show no sign of infection, and it is soft, which is good, so they are hoping she just needs a little help digesting. Overall their progress is good!

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