Friday, January 22, 2010

January 21

29 1/2 weeks. The babies are growing well. Baby A is 3 lbs, Baby B is 2.6 lbs, and Baby C is 2.8 lbs. They are getting so big in there now when we see them on the ultrasound! It's crazy with all the arms and legs, and somebody is always hitting or kicking somebody else. Heartrates and breathing look good, too. One was making a sucking motion, which was a first for me to see, but nobody seems to be thumbsuckers! Which, ultimately I think is a good thing. Binkies are bedtime are all they will need. I go again next Friday. They will try to the NST (non stress test for heartrates) again and do another OB check on me. No growth next week. To answer questions I've been asked a lot: No, we do not have names yet - getting closer, but nothing definite. No, there is no due date and there won't be one - just week by week as long as I can make it. The goal is to get past 30 weeks then to 32 weeks then anything past that will be a blessing until they would take them at 35 weeks. Yes, organization is in the works for anyone asking me how/when they can help once babies come. My sister is currently putting together some type of calendar/spreadsheet so that people can view it/add to it. We'll keep you posted on that.

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  1. So glad everything is going good...and very glad you have this blog cause Brent isn't good at updating me!!!