Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sept 25

Today I met with my new OB - they passed me on AGAIN! ha ha. I went from Bonidie to Covatto to Cain. All same practice, it's just Cain is the mega-high risk guy, so that's where I belong. Between being 38, having Gestational Diabetes, and expecting three, I guess I now qualify for "mega" high risk! The appts went well. Dr. Jackson (the ultrasound doctor) thinks the babies are identical! All boys or all girls! Oh, my! All babies heartbeats looked strong and Baby A was kicking Baby B! Baby C was just hanging up, higher up in my uterus. My next appt is Oct 8. Just an OB check, but they have to do the fetal heartrate through ultrasound b/c they can't do triplets with the normal monitor.