Thursday, May 20, 2010

May 20, 10

The triplets had their 3 month ped. appt today. Peyton weighs 9lbs 3 oz, Kendall is 7lbs 6 oz, Chase is 7lbs 12 oz. Chase is the longest at 22". I now have the OK to switch to regular formula, so will finish all the Enfamil that I have and then probably move to Good Start b/c I liked it the best with Trey. Dr.Chesek wants them to remain on the Prevacid for reflux and continue taking the vitamin. She was very pleased overall! Some quick notables: Kendall has the longest eyelashes and likes to get the others riled-up, Peyton definitely does her own thing and I believe she will be a leader whether anybody chooses to follow or not, and Chase smiles and laughs the most. Also, last night after going to bed at their normal 10:30pm - 11:00pm Kendall slept until 5am, Chase until 6am, and Peyton until 7am! I could only hope they keep that schedule, but I know better. :) I have new pics, but I'm typing on my laptop, so I'm sure it'll be a little while until I upload to my PC and post more....

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