Monday, February 1, 2010

January 29

30 weeks, 5 days: I only had a few things done today. One was the NST, which again, was very time consuming and difficult with triplets. They ended up having to do a bio on 2 of the 3 anyway, so I'm hoping I can talk them into just doing the bio from now on for the babies and just have me on the NST for 20 mins to monitor my contractions. We'll see. Ultimately they said heartrates and breathing of all 3 are fine. After some additional testing it was confirmed that I have a urninary tract infection that is common in pregnancy. On meds for it and I go back on Tues, Feb 2 for another appt. The Gestational Diabetes looks good - managing well with the insulin. I have 2 blood tests monthly in addition to the day to day monitoring to make sure all is well. I also have something called PUPPS that is really just "itching as a result of pregnancy". It's more of a nuisance than anything else. I itch like I have the chicken pox! No harm to the babies from it, I'm just one of the lucky 20% to develop it. I will post again after Tuesday's appt.

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